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Laser Optical (WECLTS)


Laser Optical (WECLTS)


The WEC-LTS laser optical video transmission system allows for wireless transmission of video up to 1350 feet in elevator video applications.

The WEC-LTS eliminates the need for costly cabling when installing cameras on elevators.


High Quality Video

Compatible with all CCTV cameras (PAL or NTSC) No FCC or site license required.

No Interference from other wireless devices Unlimited number of elevators

Real-time video no delay Easy installation

Product Description


Step One:

Move the elevator car to the lowest position where it is easy to work under the outer surface of the bottom of the elevator car.

Step Two:

Install CCTV camera inside the elevator car. Run video coaxial cable

and transmitter power cable along the interior wall of elevator car. Tie or fasten the cables appropriately to avoid any friction damage. CCTV camera power

must be connected according to camera specifications.

Step Three:

Place the Transmitter, with magnetic base to the flat metallic surface, on the bottom of the shaft. Connect video coaxial and Transmitter power cables.

Position of Receiver and Transmitter must be well planned before installation.

Step Four:

Turn on Transmitter switch. Confirm the laser beam is emitted. Adjust the diameter of circular reflection on floor where the Receiver will be installed. Use 4 corner screws to fine-tune the angle. Laser beam reflection must be in

A circular shape, not an oval shape.

Step Five:

Using the beam reflection as a guide, install metallic mounting bracket on floor.

Mounting bracket and the Receiver should be placed in the centre of the beam reflection.

Step Six:

Place the Receiver on mounting bracket. centre of the Receiver should be aligned with laser beam reflection and mounting bracket. Use the level

and corner screws to make the Receiver horizontal.

Step Seven:

Once the centres are aligned, turn the Transmitter Lens Hood to adjust the size of the beam Reflection. Diameter of circular beam reflection should be

Around 4 inches (10cm). Elevator MUST be at the lowest floor.

Step Eight:

Connect the power cable to the Receiver. Use a field monitor to test video transmission. Check the condition of video quality while moving the elevator up

floor by floor. If you notice any video noise or disruption, adjust the angle of the

Receiver with the 4 corner screws. Beam-Receiver alignment must be corrected until the video transmission is clean at the highest floor. Repeat adjustment   until good video quality is confirmed at all floor levels.

Step Nine:

After fine-tuning beam alignment is complete, connect coax cable from the Receiver

to DVR or display equipment in control room. Test video monitoring during a regular elevator operation.

Optical axis alignment method between transmitter and receiver It is extremely Important to align optical axis between the transmitter and the receiver for optimal image transmission since WECLTS is an image data transmission device which uses lasers. The receiver needs to be installed where the centre of the receiver lens can be aligned with the centre of the laser light circle from the transmitter. Use a test monitor and screw knobs to fine-tune the alignment.

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